Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little of march!

Hudson is a busy little man. But too cute to get mad at!

Hudson is such A BOY. Chris and Hudson wrestle all the time. Hudson loves to be upside down!

We got this new toy for Hudson. At first he was not to sure about it , but he loves it now !
Whenever he gets something new Hudson always has to taste it to make sure he likes it first! LOL!!!

Spring has came and gone, but when Hudson discovered grass he wasn't to sure if he liked it or not, the only thing he did like were the flowers and well... he wanted to taste them!

He loves the grass can't you tell! :)


We always love a little visit from uncle Matt!

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~HIGGINS~ said...

Your little boy is such a cutie. you can tell he's such a little stud from all the pictures. cute little family you have there!