Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

We went up to pine valley this past Sunday and we had a blast!
Hudson wasn’t to sure about the snow..but Chris helped Hudson out. They touched the snow, and Hudson looked at us like,"what the heck mom and dad"! Chris then let Hudson taste the snow. That was even funnier, because of all the face’s Hudson pulled. We loved it!! We walked around for a little. Chris and Hudson together were soo cute!!!!

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I love my boys more than anything!
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Lyndy Butler said...

Wow you guys are so cute!
especially your lil dude.
Arent little boys the coolest!

Brandi said...

oh my bundle of cuteness!!! Mandee i want to EAT his cheeks! haha What a cutie he is!!!
Can not wait to see you this weekend! It has been WAAYYYY too long!

Chelsey said...

your little man is absolutely adorable. love the pics!


Thanks girls!! I love my little man!

Unknown said...

He is so dang cute, Mandee! Great pics!!

Jules said...

SO CUTE! I was so excited you've updated your blog! I just think you're the prettiest thing! Hope to catch ya at the next scrap night!