Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hudson's New trick And funny face!

Look what I can do!

Hudson is always making funny faces!
(we call this one.... Turtle Face)!

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Chris has been dying to try this trick, ever since he knew we were pregnant!
I think Chris thought I was going to have a heart attack about it, but I didn't.
After seeing how excited Hudson gets when he and Chris do their trick,
I just have to laugh at them!
Hudson is so proud and happy when he is doing his trick. I think it's adorable!
(Not what Chris imagined)! :)


erica said...

what is it with men and doing that trick? ha. so funny.

love the turtle face! he is getting so big!!

Brandi said...

oh my cuteness mandee! I love his cheeks! he is such a doll! And why oh why must dad's do things that totally scare us moms?!;) Jared likes to do the "throw the kids up in the air" thing...ahhhh!!!:)

Kyler and Hillary said...

mandee I love your blog! You are so cute at writing and the pictures you put up. Hudson is seriously so cute!!! love the funny faces

The Rogers Clan said...

Those pictures are so stinkin cute. Taylor used to do stuff like that......except when I had a camera. HA! Good job!!

Unknown said...

Mandee, your little Hudson is so adorable! I just had to blog stalk you! if you send me your email I'll invite you to my blog.

I'm lovin my nails! You are so good:)

Gretchen said...

Oh Mandee he is the cutest little thing ever!! I LOVED your darling Valentine with his little feet!! How cute!!! He is such a mix of the two of you!!