Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hudson's New trick And funny face!

Look what I can do!

Hudson is always making funny faces!
(we call this one.... Turtle Face)!

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Chris has been dying to try this trick, ever since he knew we were pregnant!
I think Chris thought I was going to have a heart attack about it, but I didn't.
After seeing how excited Hudson gets when he and Chris do their trick,
I just have to laugh at them!
Hudson is so proud and happy when he is doing his trick. I think it's adorable!
(Not what Chris imagined)! :)

V- Day!

V-day was a great day! We loved it! (can it always be on a Sunday)? We started our day off with a knock and run Valentine!
Hmmmmmm I wonder who it could have been??? Maybe Grandma Lady?
For those who don't do there Valentines like this, you need to start doing this
it's sooo much fun!
You drop off your goodies at the front door to your Valentine's house, and you knock run! Chris and I love to hide and watch their face, and make sure they get their valentine.
It makes it soo fun!
So when we got the knock on our door, Chris and I ran up stairs grabbed Hudson. Chris and HUD waited for me to open the door and when I did, Hudson's face was priceless!
(so mad I didn't get a picture of that!)
Chris and HUD went and grabbed Hudson's First Valentine! It was in a cute Robot bag. Hudson loved the Robot bag! He knew exactly what to do with it...

....he put it in his mouth of course!
Hudson LOVES Barney.
So his Valentine gave him a new Barney movie WE LOVE OUR FAMILY!

"You're Top Dog Hudson"
XOXO Love Grandma Lady & Grandpa Bean!

Next it was our turn to deliver.

But first we had to make them.
Hudson was a good sport. In fact, I think he liked it a little too much, and of course
he wanted to put his feet in his mouth!

I hurried and put some sparkles on the roses and off we went to deliver our Valentines to the two greatest Grandmas we know!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thanks to a Blog I stalk, I'm going to start writing about what Hudson does each week and hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to make a cute blog book! Thanks Erica & cute little miss ivy for the idea!

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"Hudson's Weekly News "
* Hudson gets anything and everything with his mouth, and it always leaves very wet!

*He did his big push off the other day, where at first he was only doing one leg but now he is crawling all over the place. Now I have to think about what is on the floor so he doesn't eat it!

* I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can take Hudson swimming, because his legs are always kicking like a wild man. We think he is going to be a pretty good swimmer!

* Hudson still doesn't have a tooth yet. "Poor Huddie!"

* Hudson is really good about not grabbing the spoon when we are feeding him.

* He loves Sweet Peas, Carrots, Applesauce, Sweet Potato’s, Peaches, Mango's, Banana’s, and he HATES... Pears and Green Beans!

* He likes to go on his belly while in the bath, and he loves all his bath friends especially lucky the blue ducky.
( I think he is your favorite).

* He loves paper, plastic bag‘s (mom doesn't like that sooo much) and he would eat a whole piece of paper if…I would let him!

* He LOVES watching Sports, Barney, and Elmo.

*He is in size 3 diapers and moving into 4's very soon..

* He is wearing 12 month clothes, and sometimes 24 month onesies. What a BIG BOY.
(At least that is what everyone says, but I don’t see it. He is still my little man).
Snow Day

We went up to pine valley this past Sunday and we had a blast!
Hudson wasn’t to sure about the snow..but Chris helped Hudson out. They touched the snow, and Hudson looked at us like,"what the heck mom and dad"! Chris then let Hudson taste the snow. That was even funnier, because of all the face’s Hudson pulled. We loved it!! We walked around for a little. Chris and Hudson together were soo cute!!!!

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I love my boys more than anything!
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