Friday, January 30, 2009

Another fun suprizzzze!

Another fun surprise from the Hewards!! Or should I say for the Hewards. :) my sister in law had her baby yesterday ! Holy cow that was exciting! she was not due until Feb. 10! so she decide to come a little early! Brinley Steere came in at a whopping 6.10lb and 19.5 inch. screaming! Oh and she is sooo Beautiful!! We are so excited she is here with us! I will have to post some pictures of her after I go through my 1,000 or sooo pictures! There is one little problem for her UN expected and grand entrance to the world. That is Aunt Mandee was putting on her mom's Baby Shower this Saturday! I guess will have the star of the show there with us, but she will be with her Daddy up in one of the rooms!:(

Friday, January 16, 2009


So a lot has happen lately . We have had a great Thanks Giving and a wonderful Christmas and Chris had a birthday . He is know 27 wow!! It’s crazy how time fly’s. He is going back to school and my big brother got engaged over Christmas.

Well I guess I will start with Thanks Giving,

We got to tell our family’s were PREGNANT ! Yeah that’s right we are pregnant its crazy for me to say that!!! I never thought I would say I was pregnant! Especially how scared I was of getting pregnant. We are soooo EXCITED. We heard the heart beat last Friday so that was awesome its nice to have it all confirmed. The heart beat was Strong Chris recorded it on his phone (typical first baby thing) ha-ha! After that I think we listened to it a hundred times. We just can’t believe it!

But I think I should back up a little and tell you how we told the family's.
We told them Thanks Giving day. First we went to the Heward’s at 12:00. I asked my mother-in-law if she wanted to see some pic. I took cause Ive been in to photography for awhile. She said yeah, so I took over the pic. She started to look at them the 1st pic was of some cabbages.

*The cabbage is for( cabbage patch kid)

2nd was my feet barefoot in the kitchen *(pregnant women are always barefoot) 3rd was a bun in the oven (will that's self explanatory)
4th was me eating a pickle with mint ice cream *( weird cravings)
the 5th pic was of a baby Chris drew in church one day about a year ago or so the 6th and final one was…. are four pregnancy tests YES four of them I had to be sure!
My mother in law went threw them and got to the bun in the oven and got it!!! She looked at me said are you serious I said "yes"!! I said "look at the rest of the pic." she screeched and jumped up and gave me a kiss on the forehead and then went over to Chris and gave him a kiss and a huge! And then all then the rest of the fam. Congrats us!
Not to much longer we left to the laidlaws Thanks Giving. Which is my mom’s side I was sooo nervous! We walked in started to get are plates and went to go sit down, but when I was starting to sit down one of my cousins said to me when are you going to have one of those! (referring to one of my cousins kids) I stopped looked at her and thought does she now? No she doesn’t know. I said "I don’t know" the same comment Ive been giving them for almost Five years! I was waiting to tell just my family when they were all sitting by each other, but it felt as if that was never going to happen. my mom off with her sisters my dad with the guys I felt like I was going to scream it out loud if I didn’t get to tell them soon! I thought patience, mandee,patience! Then I spotted my mom and dad together I ran over pinched Chris to let him know I was going to tell them. I said to my mom the same thing I did to my mother in-law and gave her the pic. She opened it and looked and me and started making a noise OH OH OH and pacing back and forth like she didn't know where to go. She got it on the first pic. She just gets me. It was sooo funny!! So I pushed her in to one of the back rooms and I said to my sister as I was directing my mom where to go “you might want to come back here for this Megan“!! She followed us back in to one of the rooms and my mom said crying “is this a joke “ I said “No I wouldn't go threw all of this to have it be a joke hahahaa“. My dad is saying in the back ground “what’s going on!!” and then meg looked over my mom's shoulder to see the pic. and then started crying and said “I’m going to have a Baby” Ha-ha I thought well… not u but yeah OK! My mom hugged me as she was still crying and then my sis and dad. That was the funnest thing I have ever told my family. Now my brother reacted a whole different way we gave him the pic later that night with his girlfriend Arlee. He said “D**** I knew you were going to say this! Freak!”. Later he said “I will be cool with this when you deliver this baby and everything is OK”. What a cute big Bother he is just scared something is going to happen to me & the baby!
Now Chris' brother that's on his mission in Brazil, we waited to tell him on Christmas day when we got to talk to him on the phone. When we told him he stared to freak out saying “loco loco” and started talking in a different language and then started telling us congrats every few minutes for the rest of the conversation.

halloween pic.

we where a dragon and a witch this year. Chris dressed up like this when he was around 5yers old. so he thought it would be funny to dress up as a dragon agian.I love my little gragon!