Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today it happened... I went outside this morning and I felt the most wonderful thing... FALL! This morning it seemed cooler and more crisp. And fall is knocking on my door. I love love love fall. I love the leaves! I love when the turn red and orange. I am being a dork but I love everything that has to do with fall. Fall, FALL, FALL! Don't get me wrong I Love all the seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and FALL! Fall means HALLOWEEN! and if you didn't already know this about me.... I love HALLOWEEN more then any Holiday. I think???? Nope I do!! Then comes Christmas in a close second!

I have already bought a little Halloween decor from Tai pan some big black leaves, and a witch sign. If that is not the best way to spend a little money I don't know what is!(Chris wont agree but I don't care) and I am just waiting for the green light to start going for fall in my house. I usually wait until the end of Sept but I hope I can wait that long? There is something so whimsical and fun about my Halloween stuff... I have a treasure chest that me and my mom do and a witches lab on my coffee table and lots more stuff. Its in my blood to love Halloween because my mom and I are really witches at heart. We love Halloween! So I am digging out my Martha Stewart Living mags from the past couple of years and am going to start getting into the fall festive mood. but that wont be to hard! I can't wait to wear fall clothes and junk up my house with orange and black... and enjoy the cool down and the BEAUTIFUL fall. This isn't the last you'll hear about this... I am soooo EXCITED about FALL!!!!!

P.S The little mermaid was Gr8t must rent it if you loved the first little mermaid and if you have kids the will love the new little mermaid! **** four sartz from me. it


The Marvelous Mrs. Miller said...

I heart fall too! I can't wait till you decorate, I'll have to stop by & see your cuteness!

Jessica said...

I absolutely love Fall too!

The Hansens said...

Mandee! I was so happy to see that you found my blog. Hopefully we can keep in touch this way. You are Chris look great! I like your post about fall, but fall here in Provo is COLD! I'm already wearing a jacket.. sad. I miss the heat in St. George. Thanks for the update!