Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boy or Girl??

OK so i'm NOT pregnant! But my little sister in law is! She is going to have a baby some time in Feb. so that means today is the day we find out what we are having YEA!!!
This is how we found out she was pregnant. She told us the night before the BIG day chads mission to Brazil.I was soo excited because they had been trying for awhile and they where actually going to stop trying cause she finally figured out what she wanted to go to school for, she wants to be a nurse and in the nurses course they have to work with chemicals which is not good if you are pregnant, and her hubby Adam wanted to go to school full time anyways need less to say she has put that of for awhile. So she put a sign in chads room saying good luck ! UNCLE CHAD so chad came up from his room saying "who is pregnant"? I was thinking to my self "NOT ME"!! so I look around the table and then it hit me CHANTELLE is pregnant "oh my GOSH CHANIE IS PREGNANT" I started to scream "OH "OH " "OH" then I started to laugh, and then cry! I was soo excited I jumped out of my chair and started doing a Richard Simmons move. jumping up and down! ( I for sure looked like a dork!!) My whole family was laughing including the Happy to be parents! The reason for acting this way is cause this is going to be the FIRST baby on the hewards side, and that they have been trying for a long time. So we wanted to get together this Tuesday to have them tell us as a family, but it looked like it was gong to be to busy for the Happy couple. We just got the call and...... Its ...... we have to wait tell tonight UHHHHH!
Some one like me with ADD is going to have a very longgg day! Wish us luck on a Girl!! That's what Chris and I think its going to be and what we want it to be!

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