Sunday, August 24, 2008

We went up North this weekend and spent some time in American fork! Are GOOD friends the Harrison’s live there. They have a NEW addition to their family his name is Dalton . What a cute name right? But not as cute as him. He is sooo pretty, I mean handsome . We also went out to dinner ,They took us to Zupas that was soo yummy ! Also while we were up there I went and did a clients hair and went to the South Gate Mall poor Chris he had to go to 3 different malls. (Thanks babe) what a sport ! We also saw Elizabeth Smart , while we were there, I felt soo bad for her because she had some camera crew following her, she gave me a look like this stinks L it made me feel way bad for her. We love it up there ! It felt like Oct. at night it was a nice change from the heat down here . We just loved Dalton, Chris and I could have taken him home with us!!! But I think Holli and Adam would have not been are friends if we took the little hommie home with us! Thanks Holli & Adam for letting us stay at your house and play with Dalton!

I love this one!


~..kass..~ said...

What a CUTE little guy!!!

Staci said...

What a beautiful baby! Yes, I would love for you to come join in the photoshop classes. I think she will be doing it with CS3, but a lot of the basic tools and steps and concepts are the same, just CS does more. I think you would still get a lot out of it. If you are still interested I will let you know when there are set dates and times.

Lisa Raines said...

Cute baby Chris this Marc Raines, good to see your do so well