Monday, August 18, 2008

Go Warriors!!!!!

We are soooo excited for football to start or should I say... Chris is! NO I really am too! I love to go and watch the Eggshells (aka Eshells) my cousin is on it and she is awesome to watch! I have been watching the Eshells as long as I have know what football is! I"m not a BIG fan of football, But I'm only, when a heward is playing!! I actually get really into it sometimes. The best part about me watching football is when I think I'm cheering for the warriors and whoops I'm actually cheering for the other team oh and that's when I get in trouble by Chris! But I do have to tell you that he knows alot about football and when I ask him whats going on I get SHHHHHHed! Because Chris Really get into it.How rude. So when I get the dirty looks from all the warrior fans that's when Chris gets his dirty look from me haha! We are soo excited to watch Connor play this year, but this is his first year playing on the high school team so we will see how much he plays Good luck Connor!! GOOD luck Lauren on your last year as a eshell. she has had a new couch every year she has been on, but they always do a gr8t job! Hope to see you at the games!

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The Crandall Family said...

Thats funny! I tell Cort I don't like football and dred the winter season, but when he is watching the games I yell and cheer louder than him. I guess I'm just a closet football fan. Don't tell Cort... :)