Monday, July 14, 2008


So I'm learning how to do this blog stuff! Soon I will be a whiz kid at it!! I'm going to try to put pictures on of our 4Th of July. hopefully soon! I love the 4Th of July it's one of my favorite months! If I don't figure it out soon I will have ANG show me how! It's bad when your husband is telling you to get pic. up on the bog:( at least he thinks the blog stuff is cool. Right? And I'm not getting in to to much trouble because I'm on it. I get in trouble when I'm on my myspace.


Jessica said...

Yay- I'm glad you found us. We still live in the same place. Keep in touch.

kate said...

Hey!! I saw you left a comment on Jamie's page, so I thought I'd give ya a little shout out! I love how you too are kinda thinking about kids.. That's us.. We'll hit our 4 year mark in October, and people are always like "NO kids yet" .. ha ha.. I guess timing is different for everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

I will for sure bring my swimsuit. That would be lots of fun. What are your plans? We are bringing Brylee. Yay! I decided I wanted everyone to be able to see her. I want to show her off. Ha just kidding. But we are really excited to see you. Steve is going golfing lots, so we will have to hang out lots while he does that. YAY!